Urban Jungle

  43.797196, -79.391398

The Spot

This little hidden spot lacks any trees near by — but hey, who needs trees?! If you are more of a “city person” and you want to feel a little more at home, this might be your spot. Nestled under the landing of access stairs to a 3rd floor balcony, this spot gives all the charm of industrial architecture — concrete and metal combine to make and city dweller feel a little more at home.

The Hang

Trees? Who needs trees?! These two glorious metal beams will do just fine. Follow the same instructions under How to hang a hammock, just know that it may slip a little bit when you first get on. You may also need to put the straps just a little higher as the posts are a little close together.

Special Note

This hang is under a stairwell and the stairwell has slots (holes) in it. If people are going up or down the stairs you may get some debris from their shoes falling down around you…

Urban Jungle