How to Hang a Hammock

The Quick, Simple and Effective Way

The Equipment

Hanging a hammock off of a couple of solid points is actually quite easy — especially if you have the right equipment...

Grand Trunk has two great hanging systems. The Tree Slings (I have several of these), and their new Trunk Straps. Either of these options are great! If I was getting some new straps, I would buy the Trunk Straps as they seem more Sturdy.

I also have a couple of pairs of Python Straps from a company called Kammok. They work great with any hammock but work really well with their Kammok Roo, my favourite hammock! Before you know it, you'll be living #theRooLife

The Method

Whichever straps you buy, the method is very similar:

  1. Find two trees that are about 13-15 feet apart
  2. Wrap the straps around the tree at about six feet high.
  3. Poke the end of the strap through the loop
  4. Pull the strap tight to lock in place
  5. Attach your hammock to one of the knots of loops at the appropriate distance
  6. Repeat this on both ends (of course)
  7. Try to get the angle of each rope about 30 degrees

Kammok also provides a great video on hanging a hammock — check it out!

loop around a tree
hanging instructions