At the Back of the Backyard

  43.798918, -79.390281

The Spot

You may need to get need to get on your hiking boots to get to this spot — it is one of the furthest from the main campus building. Your hike will be rewarded with a secluded and shady place to hang your hammock with some amazing views! This one is among my favourites!

The Hang

This hang is a little different — but it should be fairly easy to manage. The tree on the left of the picture uses a standard hanging method, get your rope up about 6 feet high. The tree on the right of the picture is where the different comes in. Here I attach the rope to a branch rather than the trunk of the tree. There is a bend in the branch that should stop your ropes from sliding.

The Highlights

The view from this hiding spot is spectacular. You can see the beautiful architecture of the Tyndale chapel on the one side. On the other side there are plenty of trees. Just past those trees is the Don River which gives off some soothing water sounds.

At the Back of the Backyard