Double Trouble

  43.796693, -79.391368

The Spot

This hammock spot is steps from the indoors. It is nestled between the Lampost Cafe and the Alumni Hall. you can can be access this location from level 200 from doors on either side (north or south) of the hallway.

The Hang

This hang is very straight forward — two trees that are the perfect distance apart — just hang your hammock straps and you are good-to-go! The only hard part of this hang is deciding which spot to take…

The Highlights

There are two great things about this spot, neither unfortunately is the view — it’s not too bad, but not great. The first great thing is that there are three trees perfectly spaced out for two hammocks - that’s the double part! The second great thing about this spot is that it is really close to the building. The first time I hung out here it started to rain (trouble) — I had my hammock packed up and headed indoors in no time!

Double Trouble