Falling Trees

  43.799303, -79.390394

The Spot

If you are looking for some privacy, Falling Trees is the hammock spot for you! Located at the north east corner of the Tyndale campus, you are not going to get much further from class than this!

Not only is this (arguably) the furthest hammock spot from campus, it is also the most hidden. You will have to do a little searching to find this spot. Once you get to the general area, you will see what looks like an island of trees and a path along the east side of the “island”. Follow this path about halfway — look for the tree leaning over the path.

The Hang

This hang is a little unconventional. The tree that is hanging over the pathway is one of your hang points - that one is pretty straight forward. Your second hang point is on the west side of the path and is a fallen tree. There is a bend in the tree which is the best place to attach.

The Highlights

My favourite part of this hammock spot is the quietness and privacy. A great spot to read or pray. You can also relax and listen to the running water from the Don River which is located just on the other side of the trees.

Falling Trees