Front and (off) Centre

  43.796762, -79.392566

The Spot

Sometimes when you go to hang your hammock you are looking for a quiet peaceful location to get away from everything. This is not that spot! However, if you would love to greet everyone as they come to campus, this is the place for you!

This spot has a great view of the main Tyndale entrance along with all of the beauty of the front of the campus. You can see the chapel steeple rising high into the air. While this spot lacks some privacy, you will have the chance to meet lots of people and you might just get a few strange looks — or looks from strangers.

The Hang

These trees are a pretty reasonable distance apart but they are pretty thick — you will have to make sure you have decent length ropes or straps — both the Tree Slings and Python Straps (links here) would work just fine here..

Front and (off) Centre