Willows Weeping

  43.796783, -79.389854

The Spot

The willows might be weeping, but your only tears will be tears of joy! This hammock spot on the south east corner of the campus boasts beautiful views and great shade for those warm days.

The Hang

This hang is very straight forward — two trees that are the perfect distance apart — just hang your hammock straps and you are good-to-go!

The Highlights

One of the great things about this spot is that it is in a cluster of three trees — you can see the third tree in the cover photo above. You would easily be able to setup three hammocks in this spot!

Windy Days?

Weeping Willow trees look beautiful flowing in the wind — almost like a dance. Unfortunately, they are also quite weak trees. If you are out on a windy day you might want to avoid the weeping willows — at the least you will get leaves falling on you, but branches have also been known to break off…

Willows Weeping